Difference between Direct mail and EDDM

People often become confused about the difference between direct mail and EDDM. In this
article we will discuss about it and offer you a clear insight into this confounded issue.
Both direct mail and Every Door direct mail are direct mail strategies. However their
fundamental difference lies in their manner to target receivers. While direct mail can be
directly addressed to the recipients within a certain demographic as well as mail list , EDDM
is less expensive and aims to target every house in a certain neighbourhood.
Direct mail
Direct mail is often targeted within a specific demography. You can utilise this method to
send out brochure or postcard and flyers to a certain mail list which consists such people
that suit your target gender , age group , income rate or other variables that you are looking
As opposed to direct mail EDDM aims at reaching a specific geographical location. Mailing
list is not required for this sort of mail. However if you want EDDM also allows you to send
out direct mail pieces to your selected neighbourhoods at your convenience.
For traditional method of direct mail there is no limitation on size or quantities. You can
freely choose and customisation in your direct mailers the way you want. There is also no
restriction on how many direct mail piece you want to send out.
On the contrary EDDM requires a specific size. Your mailers need to be more than 11 ½”
long and more than 6 1/8” wide and even more than ¼” thick. However these EDDMs must
not exceed 15” in their length , 12” in width and ¾” in thickness.
You must remember that EDDM postages cost less than traditional manner of direct mail.
Therefore you can take benefit of EDDM if you are short on budget or have recently
launched a start up.
While you can personalize postcard , brochure and flyer in a specific manner to target a
specific sort of people or household depending on your target mail list , on the other hand
Every Door Direct Mail aims to reach consumers based on USPS mailing postal carrier
routes. Every door or rather to say every mail box in a certain locale of postal routes that
you choose will be mailed through a more economical and budget friendly postal rate than
the traditional method of direct mail.
We hope that the article has enhanced your knowledge of the difference between
traditional direct mail vs EDDM or every door direct mail system. However if you are still
confused about the difference between the duo , because of their overlapping characteristic

trait we seek to resolute that little confusion as well. Here’s a brief summarization of the
entire issue which is enough to bear in mind if you seek to differentiate between traditional
strategy of direct mail and every door direct mail procedure. Read on to know this.
To summarize you may consider utilising EDDM if you aim to cater to a locale regardless of
household demographic. This is cost effective as well. Whereas direct mail system provides
you the opportunity of targeting a specific demography.

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