Google AdWord – Benefits and beyond

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Google AdWord is basically an online advertising service authenticated by Google so as to help marketers to reach their potential consumers instantly.

Once anyone searches with any particular term on Google, Google shows a list of multiple search results against that searched item. For instance if you search for tourism package you will find various search results for this. Now if you look carefully you will note that the first and last results are always ads. This is true in every case.

In this article we will discuss how Google select any ad and shows it every time. This will help you to understand various types of ads that you can run by using the Google AdWord service.

Types of ads in Google

Search ads: The list of ads that will generate once you hit with a search item will must be closely related to the term of the searched item. For instance; if we talk about the earlier example of tourism package you will obtain such ads like “best tourism packages at XXX” and several of this sort.

Google considers numerous factors before showing any particular ad. For instance,

Targeting: Your ad will be resulted in the nearby geographical location that you prefer. You can even be as specific as including Zip code while searching for anything like best restaurants in a particular locality.

Search term and its keyword: The ads are mostly optimized around a keyword that is searched by the user. For instance; if you look for holiday plans for outing you may get ads like holiday packages to a locale.

Landing page ad:

If you look for a particular website or web page in your searched item chances are that you will occupy several ads which are related to that particular page.

User rate: If an advertisement gets more reach or if a company has higher user checking in their site, their ads are mainly generated by Google Adword service.

Bids: If 2 similar sorts of advertisers possess perfect ad and page, the higher bud is supposed to get preference while showing ads in Google page.

There are several other sorts of ads available in Google AdWord. A deep insight into this matter will help you to create such sort of ads and the chance of your ad to be shown on the top or bottom of Google page when one search for similar item will be enhanced. Read on to know more about it.

Call only ads: These sorts of ads are available only during on call enabled phone device. Right after clicking on an ad, instead of leading you to a landing page, you can make a call to the advertiser group directly. Chances of attaining more potential consumers increase with the usage of such sort of ads.

Dynamic ad: These types of ads are perfect for businesses that have a well regulated website. These are similar to text ad but no keywords are associated to this. For instance if you search for java courses thus dynamic ads will replace it with java course and show more relevant results. We hope that the knowledge of these sorts of ads will help you to flourish your business soon.

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